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From Routine Check-Ups to Emergency Care: Pediatric Dental Services

Northwood Family Dental Center services Northwood, NH, and surrounding communities. From routine dental exams to emergency care, parents can trust that their children’s oral health is in great hands with our team. We have a board-certified pediatric dentist, happy to serve you, and friendly staff committed to making your child’s experience at the dentist wonderful.

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Children's Dental Exams in Northwood, NH

The Right Tools for Peace of Mind

Our team has close attention to detail, including regarding the equipment we use. We have digital radiographs or x-ray technology designed to give off less radiation than models you might encounter elsewhere. Also, we offer nitrous oxide to help reduce the child’s anxiety during the appointment and help aid them through a long procedure. We even provide an observatory window, where you can check on your child during a procedure and have peace of mind.

A Pediatric Dentist: Who Are They?

A pediatric dentist specializes in working with children after completing extensive, additional training. They receive at least two extra years of training beyond regular dental school. Their knowledge and skills span children recently born, teenagers, and individuals with special health-care needs.
Childs Dental Exams in Northwood, NH
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Child’s First Visit? Leading Up & When They Arrive

Helping your children develop and maintain positive attitudes about the dentists’ office remains a key part of preparing for the visit. We recommend avoiding stories about past dental experiences and staying away from certain words (even if you intend to phrase them in a positive way), such as “hurt,” “pain,” “pull,” “drill,” and others.

We use words and phrases that help keep the child in a good frame of mind. They’re part of a method called “tell, show, do,” in which we explain the steps of the visit, get the child more acclimated with the environment and dental care, and develop a relationship through trust.

Our Offerings in Pediatric Dentistry

Oral Examinations for Infants

Early dental visits are important in identifying and preventing cavities and diseases. We recommend that your child begins seeing a dentist at the first tooth’s eruption or by age one.

During the visit with us, we discuss your child’s diet, their oral hygiene routines, and any questions you might have. Also, with your permission, we perform an examination, cleaning, and apply fluoride rinse to your child’s teeth.

Dental Cleanings

Like carefully scanning your child’s teeth for any areas of concern, regular cleanings serve an equally important purpose. Our skilled staff strives to be deeply detailed during the process. Also, the visit allows us to educate your child on oral hygiene so they can be their own best brushers and flossers between visits.

Dental Care for Those with Special Health-Care Needs

With a certified and experienced pediatric dentist, we’re able to work with you to carefully craft a dental plan that meets your child’s special health-care needs. Also, this specialist has valuable training in behavioral management, so they’re better equipped to give each patient a comfortable and productive visit – versus someone without the knowledge and skills.

Restorative Services

Our skilled team can restore damaged teeth. We can perform composite or amalgam fillings for cavities and do crowns of different colors (from stainless steel to the shade of teeth). Also, we offer pulp therapy for primary teeth, in which we conduct extractions when needed and put in space maintainers.

Dental Examinations for Kids of All Ages

Regular dental examinations allow us to monitor your child’s oral health and identify issues that can be prevented from evolving into serious concerns. Our experienced team strives to tailor our approach and care to the needs of each child, from infancy to adolescence.

Emergency Care

Dental emergencies, whether waking up to unexpected dental pain or an injury sustained to the mouth, can prove stressful. When your child experiences one, give us a call. Our experienced team can prevent infections from arising and help you and your child avoid the need for more costly procedures down the road.

Hospital Dentistry: General Anesthesia

Sometimes, a child might need to receive general anesthesia and dental care in a hospital setting. With anesthesia, they’ll sleep through treatment. The option’s typically for very young children or those with health concerns better treated outside of the office setting. Dental procedures in a hospital can still be done by our pediatric dentist, so you’ll still receive care from someone you can trust.


For the grooves in the back teeth that prove hard to completely brush, we offer sealants. The technology creates a barrier and added layer of protection in these places for your child. From development of stronger teeth to less long-term dental costs, sealants serve as a great solution.
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