Pediatric Dentistry – Caring For Your Child

What is a Pediatric Dentist?


A pediatric dentist receives at least two additional years of training beyond dental school.  Pediatric dentists receive specialized training in caring for the oral health of children from infancy to adolescence and individuals with special health care needs.  They receive specialized training in areas such as growth and development, prevention and treatment of oral disease and behavior guidance.   Pediatric dentists provide comprehensive care for children’s dental needs.



Your Child’s First Visit

Happy smiling kid


Instilling a positive attitude about oral health and dental treatment is extremely important and begins with your child’s first visit to the dentist.  Try to avoid sharing your own dental experiences or feelings with your child. Efforts to prepare children for their dental visit or even seemingly harmless reassurances such as “It won’t hurt” or “Don’t worry” are often counterproductive”. We ask that you refrain from using terms such as “hurt” “pain” “needle” “pull” or “drill”.   We use special terminology to explain each step of the procedure in a way that is easily understandable and “child friendly”.


The relationship between the dentist and the child is based on development of the child’s trust and confidence in the practitioner.  We use a method called “tell, show, do” with all of our patients in which each step of the dental visit is explained to the child, demonstrated and then performed in order to acclimate them to the dental environment and cultivate a trusting relationship.


At your child’s first visit we will examine their teeth and soft tissues, evaluate their growth and dental development, assess their dietary habits and oral hygiene, clean their teeth and take x-rays if necessary and with your permission.  Our goal is to make your child’s visit a positive experience.