NFDC Clothing Drive Winner

NFDC Clothing Drive Winner

Northwood Family Dental Center congratulates Tara, Randy, and Trenton Pelletier of Northwood.  They were chosen from the many people who donated infant clothing and won the weekend getaway to Graylag Cabins in Pittsfield in September.

During May residents from Northwood, Epsom, Pittsfield, Barrington, Nottingham, Strafford, Deerfield and Allenstown brought in infant clothing to Northwood Family Dental Center.  June 1st clothing was donated to Baby Steps Boutique in Dover.

Baby Steps Boutique is an extension of the programs offered at Options.

Dr. Anthony Pasquale and Dr. Alison Gomes of Northwood Family Dental Center would like to thank everyone who participated, helping make our community stronger and better.